1. The author submits the article in Tajik or Russian. The summary of the article should be submitted in Tajik, Russian and English, the volume of which should not exceed 1 page.

2. The text must be printed on a printer - font size 12 - on one side of a white sheet of standard size paper (A4). There should be no more than 28 double-spaced lines per article’s page (this also applies to notes and footnotes). Margins of article:

top and bottom - 2.5 cm, left and right - 3 cm. Paragraph indentation - 0.5 cm.

3. Document attached to the researched article:

a) Information about the author (last name, first name, patronymic, academic degree, title, place of work, position, home address, post office index, office and home phone numbers, if available - e-mail address);

b) The article must be typed and submitted to the editors simultaneously with a CD, memory stick containing a file of author's material made in a Word text editor; fonts, if any were used for Latin or other characters, indicating their name.

4. Maximum volume of articles:

Article - 16 pages, summary - 1 page;

Message - 8 pages,

Summary - 0.5 page;

Review - 4 pages.

Chronology of scientific life - 4 pages.

The title of the article is printed in lowercase letters and is divided with three intervals from the bottom of the text.

Quotations are carefully checked against the original source and endorsed by the author on the reverse side of the page.

7. Literature referenced in the text is given at the end of the article (in alphabetical order - first in Cyrillic, then in foreign languages; works by one author are given in chronological order, starting with earlier ones), numbered and indicating the following output data:

a) For books - surname, initials of the author, full title of the book, city and year of publication, total number of pages, for example:

1. Aini S. Kullyot. T. 1. / S. Aini. – Stalinabad: Nashrdavtaj, – 1958. – 555 p.

2. Pugachev V.P. Introduction to Political Science: textbook. for stud. universities / V.P. Pugachev, I. Yu. Solovyov. – 4th ed., revised. and additional – M. : Aspect-Press, 2003. – 466 p.

b) For articles - surname, initials of the author, the full title of the article, the name of the collection, book, newspaper, magazine where the article was published, city (for books), year and number of the newspaper, magazine, for example:

1. Aini S. Manoi kalimai tojik / S. Aini // Sadoi Shark. 1986, No. 8. – 48-73 p.

2. Kislyakov N.A. Ancient techniques of agricultural technology and rituals associated with agriculture among the Tajiks of the basin of the river. Hingou / N.A. Kislyakov // Soviet Ethnography. 1974, No. 1. – 114-125 p.

References to the literature in the text are given in square brackets separated by commas, for example: [3, 272]; when quoting, pages are indicated separated by commas or dashes, for example: [4, 272-280].

Articles must be signed by the author, and if there are several authors, by all co-authors.

The manuscript must be carefully proofread and submitted without typographical errors.

Manuscripts that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered. The editorial board reserves the right, if necessary, to shorten the articles, subject them to editorial revision and send them to the authors for revision.

The authors read the final draft of the article and confirm their consent to publication in writing.

Responsibility for the selection, accuracy of facts, quotations, and data lies on the authors of published materials.